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This year export of fruits and vegetables from Turkey increased with 22%, compared to 2019 year and reached the amount of 2 milliard 325 million and 821 thousand dollars.

The leader of import of fruits and vegetables from Turkey is again Russia, followed by Iraq and Ukraine. Exports to India, Bangladesh and Israel showed the highest increase. Fruits and vegetables export to Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Syria, England and Czech Republic also demonstrate impressive graphics.

The ‘national warehouse’ of fresh fruits and vegetables is considered Mersin, with the largest amount of fruits and vegetables exports, followed by Antalya, Hatay, Izmir and Trabzon.

Most exported fresh products during last year were cherry, lemon, tangerine, orange, grape, tomato, potatoes etc.

Turkish manufacturers of fruits and vegetables are usually working with many growers specialized on specific products and located in different regions. For example: grape is mostly grown in Manisa, citrus, tomato in Mersin and Antalya, peppers in Kahramanmaraş. Manufacturers are collecting them from growers and in their warehouse are selecting, sizing, packing them and store until loading.

All the fruits and vegetables are checked for harmful germs and plant diseases before entering the warehouse. Beside this, goods are allowed to the custom only before preliminary approval of phytosanitary inspection. Logistic advantages help to deliver products fresh in a short time.

If you have any requests we advise you to contact a trustworthy manufacturer of fresh fruits and vegetables:

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