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Wholesale Turkish Pistachios

   Pistachio (Pistacia vera) is an edible shell fruit from the gum tree family (Anacardiaceae) and the name given to its tree. This tree takes its name from Gaziantep, one of the cities where it grows most. It grows from the pistachio tree, it is oily, thin-shelled. The Turkish name of it is ''Antep Fıstıgı'' - Antep Pistachio. Turkey is in the top three in world pistachio production.

   Especially in the dried nuts and chocolate sector, It is used in confectionery, medicine and pharmacy sectors.
The world's most delicious pistachios are produced in Gaziantep and its region, which has the ecological conditions necessary for the cultivation of pistachios. The highest quality pistachio varieties grown in the Southeastern Anatolia Region are processed as nuts and the ones with green kernels are processed as large and high cracked pistachio varieties. It is used in the manufacture of various food products. Pistachio, whose benefits to human health have been proven by scientists' research; It contains various vitamins, minerals and antioxidant called resveratrol. 
Turkish pistachios supplier. We export high-quality and high aroma pistachios from Turkey to all over the world.

Product Types

Green Pistachios

New crop and quality Green Pistachios are specially harvested between July and August of each year and are known as the best of pistachios. They are the products obtained from the first harvest of Pistachio. These products, collected 1 month before the normal harvest of pistachios, are among the most valuable of pistachios. A special type of pistachio with its dark green color and delicious taste, green pistachio ( Turkish name is Boz Antep Fıstıgı) is preferred in baklava, ice cream, halva and many kinds of desserts and cakes. The most famous product of Gaziantep, green pistachio, is produced in the most natural ways for our valued customers.
Kuş Boku ( Boz Fıstık )-min.jpg

Meverdi Grain Inside Pistachio

It is a product produced by separating the peanuts harvested between the 15th and 30th of August from their hard shell. Pistachios are coarse grained and 70% green inside. It is used in halva and ice cream industry. The oil rate in the product is less than the red core.

Red Kernel Pistachio

Raw Pistachios grown in Gaziantep, the most natural, fresh and high quality Pistachios obtained from pistachio trees take their name from the soil they grow and are the unprocessed dry form of pistachios. When the fruits at the ends of the branches of the pistachio trees ripen, they fall under the tree. And the fruits that dry under the tree are gathered. For this reason, this peanut variety is also called Under Tree Pistachio in Gaziantep region. Raw Pistachio, also known as fresh pistachio, is one of the most delicious pistachio varieties.

Roasted Pistachios

MAIN CRACK: 60% of the main crack is produced from Pistachios. There are 100-110 products in 100 grams.

• Organic products made from the freshest and most natural pistachios.

•Roasted Pistachio main crack is offered for sale as 1st class quality and roasted, Jumbo Pistachio.

• Pistachio, which is harvested in August, is made ready for sale after roasting and salting.

• It can maintain its freshness for a long time in an airtight container in a humid and non-humid environment.

Produced from Sixty Percent Main cracked Pistachios. There are 120-125 products in 100 grams.

• Economical Pistachio is a source of protein and minerals.

• It is a delicious and economical pistachio variety grown naturally in Gaziantep. Due to the phosphorus, protein and vitamin B1 it contains, it is recommended that children and the elderly consume it frequently.

Siirt Pistachio:

• Siirt pistachio belongs to the pistachio family. It is larger, plump and lighter in color than the more well-known Pistachio. Due to its unique flavor and size, the demand for Siirt pistachio is increasing day by day. Siirt pistachio, also known as 'Green Gold', is grown in and around Siirt province and takes its name from here. It is the climate of the Siirt region that makes Siirt pistachios so delicious and privileged, which differs from other pistachios both in physical appearance and taste.

• Pistachio plant generally likes hot climate. Siirt's climate is also hotter and drier than other provinces. In addition, due to the low level of humidity compared to other provinces, the ideal environment for the ripening of Siirt pistachios is created. Siirt pistachios are consumed in two different ways as raw and dried. Siirt pistachio, which is harvested in September, is called raw, when it is first picked from the tree, and can be consumed without drying or roasting in this way.

• After being collected, it is dried for a week and during this time, the shell opens by itself in a way called cracking. Siirt peanuts mixed with salt are roasted and consumed as dry peanuts. These two varieties, which appeal to different tastes, are highly preferred by users.
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