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Black Cumin Seeds

Wholesale Turkish Black Cumin Seeds - Nigella Sativa

Turkish organic black cumin also can be called Nigella Sativa is in demand in the foreign market, black cumin produced in the Bucak district of Burdur City in Turkey is exported to various countries including the USA, England and Russia. Black cumin, produced with the "organic and good agriculture" method, which has expanded its cultivation area in the last 10 years in the region and allows healthy crops to be grown, draws attention with its high "chymokine" substance, which is stated to strengthen the immune system in addition to its aroma. The products obtained in the district of Bucak find buyers in the USA, England and Russia.

The quality of black cumin seeds produced in Bucak is higher than in other regions. The 'chymokine' active ingredient value in black cumin grown here goes up to 8 percent. In black seeds grown in other parts of the world, this value remains at the level of 3 percent.
Since black cumin cultivation does not have any licensed drugs, it is generally grown organically.
Turkish organic black cumin seeds supplier. We export high-quality organic black cumin seeds from Turkey to all over the world.
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