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Watermelon From Turkey

Watermelon With Seeds

Varieties of Watermelons With Seeds: Watermelons are divided into groups as hybrid and natural watermelons. The characteristics of Üstün ve Starbus  sweet watermelon with seeds that we supply is dark-light green color and a productivity of 6 or 10 watermelons per plant. Average fruit weight is between 8 – 13 kg.

The weight of a watermelon changes according to the maintenance conditions and fertilization. It is planted in April-May, 300-800 gr of seeds are planted per 1000 square meters, the time to harvest is 80 or 120 days, the yield is 6 or 8 tons.









Seedless Watermelon 

Seedless Watermelon has a medium strong plant structure. Its fruits are between 8 or 10 kg and it is an early variety. However, it is not suitable for cultivation in heavy soil conditions. It likes sandy and loamy soils. Seed germination varies according to soil temperature. It is more appropriate to use hybrid varieties in seedless watermelon cultivation.

Fruit size are almost same for all fruits. It has a fiberless, crack-resistant fruit structure, highly productive. Deep, permeable, high water holding capacity, sandy and loamy soils are more suitable for cultivation. In addition, watermelon is grown in hot and warm climates. Watermelon seed and variety selection is very important.

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